Uber’s New Policy Charges You To Get Lost Items Back

Everyone has been in a situation where you didn’t think clearly and accidentally left something in the Uber you just rode.

Whether it’s your phone, your wallet, your house keys, there’s always the panic about when and if you’ll get it back.

Up to now, many Uber drivers have graciously driven back to the drop-off point to deliver lost goods to passengers without charge and extremely kindly.

While everyone appreciates the service, Uber has decided to implement a new policy that will charge you for the remaining items in your Uber.


The new policy has already been implemented in Chicago and Boston with plans to apply it in every city across the US

Drivers will have the option to submit a “lost item” report through their Uber app and ask the driver to turn around and return it to them.

However, this costs $15, plus an optional, additional tip if the passenger chooses to bring.


The decision to introduce this new policy has been to the detriment of Uber passengers. Assuming that in 2015, the average price for an Uber ride was $13.36, paying an extra $15 for a lost item seems pretty expensive.

On the other hand, the new measure is expected to help drivers as Uber reports that each driver returns an average of 11 lost items a year.

While it may not seem like that much considering how many rides an Uber driver makes in a day, Uber insists that costs can add up significantly.


The feature is just part of Uber’s “180 Days of Change,” a campaign introduced to improve employer-employee relationships between Uber and Uber drivers.

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The past year has been a rough one for the ride-sharing app, with allegations of assault and problems within the company that prompted the resignation of board members.

Therefore, Uber’s message to passengers is that your belongings are not their responsibility.

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