Tesla To Now Feature Atari Games As Easter Eggs

We didn’t notice or feel any difference after the updates were installed on our computers, but if you own a Tesla this could mean you’re missing out. one of its hottest new features (or at least we believe). Note that from now on, the Atari arcade games will be available on the car!

Of course, this isn’t the only feature included in Version 9 of the over-the-air software upgrade. For Teslas equipped with a dash cam, the upgrade also includes a dash cam function. All Tesla vehicles have eight cameras for Autopilot. Prior to this upgrade, the camera feed was reserved for Tesla to use in the event of a crash. Although Version 9 has only a beta version of this software, Version 9.1 must include an improved algorithm with its bugs found.

Tesla also now has a new app launcher and improved climate control placement. Now all controls are centralized in one place. Holographic images are provided to show the airflow. In addition, the temperature control system can be controlled with just a swipe.

The autopilot has been upgraded, as well as a 360-degree view now available to the driver via the camera. Tesla also improved its obstacle recognition.

But most importantly, what games are featured? Frogger? Galaga? Small planet? Space invaders? ET Extraterrestrials? Unfortunately, this information is being kept secret by Elon Musk. These games will have to be detected as easter eggs, like other features in Tesla’s operating system, such as making the screen look like the Rainbow Road course in Mario Kart.

Musk has suggested that could include Polar Location, Rocket Command, and Tropics. For racing games, it is possible that the players who are driven by a diversion will be able to use the steering wheel to control their racing car. Of course, the vehicle will have to be in the “Park” state before any such feature can be activated.

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