Suzuki Hayabusa vs Snowmobile Is a Weird and Fun Drag Race

Since the invention of cars and motorcycles, motorists have been racing to drag them. We can’t say the same about sleds, at least not on asphalt, but it turns out that drag racing sleds are a thing. There’s also the Asphalt Drag Association, which organizes regular competitions, and the yellow sled you’ll see below belongs to Brian Lamb, who recently won an MSDRA race. He took his updated 1999 BRP snowmobile to the Byron Dragway and raced the Suzuki Hayabusa in a pair of 1/8 mile sprints.

Suzuki Hayabusa vs Snowmobile is a weird and fun drag raceProbably the fastest Snowmobile ever

This is not your typical Ski-Doo, as you might have guessed. It has been updated to run on asphalt and has a rebuilt engine ready to go fast on the drag strip. The 0.8-liter (49.3 cubic inch) three-cylinder engine runs on racing fuel and nitrous oxide. It’s also impressively fast.

Before driving the Hayabusa, Brian ran the 1/8 mile test in 6.88 seconds at 95.30 mph (153.37 kph). While this sled took part in 1/4 mile races, Byron Dragway was forced to run 1/8 mile races due to strong winds and wildfires in the area.

With an ET of 6.54 seconds in the first race against Suzuki Hayabusa, the bike won. In 6.86 seconds, Ski-Doo crossed the finish line. Given that Hayabusa’s trap speed is close to 20 mph (32 km/h), the difference makes sense.

Brian Lamb and his high-performance sledBrian won the second stage, this time in 6.63 seconds at 97.39 mph, significantly faster than the first stage (156.73 km/h). The Hayabusa rider completed 1/8 mile in 7.42 seconds at 84 mph (135.18 km/h), but the rider was struggling to keep up with the strong winds.

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Snowmobile racing is definitely worth noting

This is definitely the weirdest rickshaw racing video you’ll ever see, but we believe the asphalt sled race deserves a lot more attention than it does now. Sure, they’re not as fast as a fun car and top fuel-efficient racers, but it’s a sport that everyone can participate in.

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