Subaru Recalls More Than 250,000 Vehicles Over Faulty Manufacturing

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Subaru is one of the most loved cars in America Many people will simply replace their Subaru with another Subaru, affectionately calling their car “the Sub”. They’re sturdy and comfortable, can handle loads, and go great distances – all at an affordable price point. No wonder families and adventurers have chosen them over and over for decades.

But both the company and some of its fans were in shock when Subaru unexpectedly recalled hundreds of thousands of vehicles from new owners and dealers.

Subaru recalls over 250,000 vehicles due to manufacturing defects

In an unexpected turn of events, the company realized that an alarming number of its recent vehicles had been manufactured with faulty crankcase ventilation valves, which could cause the vehicle to lose power. Naturally, this means bad news, from smoke alarms to dangerous accidents or near misses. For reasons still unknown (or undisclosed), the engines separated and caused damage to their surroundings and allowed oil to go where it shouldn’t, such as the combustion chambers.

The models affected by the recall are:
2018 Crosstrek SUV
Impreza hatchbacks 2017-2018
Impreza sedans 2017-2018
2019 Forester SUV
SUV Ascent 2019
Crosstrek Plug-In Hybrid SUV

The company will inspect all recalled vehicles, replacing parts if they are needed – including free replacements for owners who need to bring their vehicles back. Subaru has already begun the process of contacting the owners of these vehicles. But so far, they have not responded to a question about whether this faulty manufacturing would have any consequences.

Given Subaru’s reputation for building reliable and timeless cars, they’re sure to spend this difficult period redressing and working twice as hard to ensure the same great product that fans love. Their graves were used for the future. In the meantime, it’s great to see a much-loved company uphold its reputation to hold accountable when the time calls!

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