New $120,000 ZR1 Billed As Fastest & Most Powerful Corvette Yet

The latest Corvette, the new ZR1, slated for a 2019 launch, is arguably not only the fastest but also the most powerful in the car’s 65-year history.

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The new Corvette ZR1 is currently priced at 120,000 and one of its main attractions is the fact that it is drivable for almost any season.

Obviously, this particular sports car is extremely easy to drive. “You can teach a 16-year-old how to ride a stick on this bike. It’s a piece of cake,” said Corvette chief engineer Tadge Juechter.

Even after 65 years of continuous production, the Corvette manages to surpass even its high standards to become one of the longest running cars of all time. “There is a bit of a stigma around the Corvette that it might not be as sophisticated, maybe a little rougher than some imported cars,” Juechter said.

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“Although we have improved the car quite a bit and have received a lot of credit globally for its level of sophistication, the impression, especially on coasts and urban areas, is truly remarkable. still haven’t caught up with the car.”

According to expert Jerry Burton, the Corvette is essentially “an icon of American ingenuity” and can compete with the best of them – including Ferrari and Lamborghini.

“Conveyors developed bad baggage in the 1970s,” says Burton. “People thought about gold chains and divorced men and being in a Corvette back then was very uncomfortable. Today, the car is made very sophisticated. Even the most reluctant car enthusiast will respect the Corvette. It has shown itself to be a better car. “

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One of the big fears surrounding the ZR1, is its rapid acceleration. With the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.85 seconds, people have reason to be a little nervous. Also, enjoy the ride!

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